Heat on 10 – British expats and best mates, Steve and Brad, live in different parts of Australia with their families, and every year they come together for a summer holiday.

This year, Steve, Sarah and their teenagers Mia and Tom, are visiting Brad, Louise and son, Kip, at their new home in the remote Victorian bush.

Steve’s strange behaviour convinces Mia that her father is having an affair, while her mother is oddly preoccupied.

Brad and Louise appear to be living the dream but there are cracks in their marriage too.

Mia’s former boyfriend, Jet, arrives at the house, but he is despised by Steve and tempers flare.

A bushfire looms in the background and the roads are closed, trapping the families.

Heat on 10 and 10 Play – Wednesday, 4 October At 9.00pm.

Media Release – Paramount

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Heat on 10