Heat on 10 – Terror sets in when Tom doesn’t return to the house and Kip feels compelled to tell Brad that his friend was high, information that Brad can use to his advantage.

Brad tells Jet that Tom rode Kip’s bike to check on the kangaroos. Given the fires are encroaching and Brad needs to organise an evacuation, he instructs Jet to take his car and bring Tom home.

Having sent Jet off in one direction, Brad tells Steve, Louise and Sarah that Tom is stoned and wandering the bush. Steve and Sarah frantically search for Tom through the smoky haze, and Sarah tells Steve about her affair with Brad. Stunned by Sarah’s admission, Steve charges back to the house and confronts Brad.

When four seats on a rescue helicopter become available, no one wants to leave until Tom is found, a decision that could have devastating consequences.

Heat on 10 and 10 Play – Wednesday, 25 October At 9.00pm.

Media Release – Paramount

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Heat on 10