Greenland: Survival at th Edge of the World on SBS – Greenland – the biggest island on the planet. A beautiful and extreme environment, a remote frontier dominated by ice. But a land that is under threat.

Join Stewart McPherson on a voyage around Greenland to discover majestic wildlife, stunning scenery and its people. And how climate change is reshaping this extraordinary landscape.

In this two-part series Stewart travels to world heritage ice fjords, camps out on the vast ice sheet and is welcomed into small fishing communities. His goal is to reach the northern-most human settlement on our planet – and beyond.

We meet the local Inuit community – the only people who have truly mastered this hostile landscape, and travel by dog sled to learn about traditional fishing and hunting techniques, try local foods and find out the best way to survive minus 40 degree Celsius. This is an awe-inspiring, yet humble journey through a distant land – all the more so because of the critical threat of global warming and how it is profoundly affecting the country’s climate and way of life.

Series One, Episode Two:

In this episode, we take to the ice on dog sled to see how the Inuit hunt in this extreme environment. Onboard The Kisaq, we head through rough weather and pass huge colonies of seabirds – guillemots and kittiwakes and giant icebergs, where we see first-hand the effect of climate change as they crumble into the ocean.

Small fishing villages dot the coastline where local fishermen use traditional methods unchanged for centuries.

Greenland: Survival At The Edge Of The World – Final Episode – Friday, 23 June at 8.30pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (2 Parts)

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Greenland: Survival at th Edge of the World on SBS