Grand Designs Transformations on ABC – In the Blue Mountains town of Glenbrook, voice over artist Nick and his creative producer wife Emma are on a quest to bring the magic of Morocco to their home and create a luxe, relaxing retreat for all the family that’s perfect for work, rest and play.

But their challenge is to bring their vision to life using a dilapidated 1960’s duplex as their starting point. Is this an inspired makeover or simply a recipe for disaster?

If they can pull off this transformation, then it will be the ultimate family home with a North African aesthetic. With acres of space for both children and adults, plus a giant pool and creative annex complete with recording studio and dance floor.

In the Sydney suburb of North Balgowlah, creating space for the family is the top of Kim’s wish list.

The legal recruitment consultant and mum of two is desperate for an area where the kids can play, and she and husband Rob can chill. But the only place to create this retreat is on top of a monstrous lump of Sydney sandstone, smack bang in the middle of their backyard.

Flooding, record breaking rain and project management blunders are just some of Kim’s problems as she struggles to turn her backyard behemoth into a rock top, poolside paradise that she and the whole family can enjoy.

Production credits: A Fremantle Australia production for the ABC financed with support from the ABC. Supervising Executive Producer: Brooke Bayvel. Executive Producer: Michael Collett. Series Producer: Chris Perry. ABC Commissioning Editor: Jo Chichester. Executive Producer: Madeleine Hawcroft. Head of Factual: Susie Jones. ABC Head of Screen Content: Jennifer Collins.

Grand Designs Transformations on ABC and ABC iview – Thursday 25 January 2024 at 8.45pm

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Grand Designs Transformations on ABC