On Grand Designs: The Streets on ABC, at Graven Hill, Kevin meets a close group of friends building new homes in the community.

Vineet, Simmi, Prabhjot and Shalini are two couples who met and became friends while living near each other in Slough. Now this little group are moving to Graven Hill, the pioneering self-build village near Bicester in Oxfordshire.

Prabhjot and Shalini are building a meticulously thought-out kit house on their plot, unlike Vineet who frequently changes his mind “on the fly” about his home’s design, moving walls and altering floor layouts halfway through the project. Can the couples take their different tastes into account and come out of the experience remaining good friends?

Grand Designs: The Streets – Thursday 9 March, 2023 on ABC and ABC iview (episode 2 of 5)

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