Everyone Else Burns on SBS Viceland – The Lewis family balance teenage rebellion, identity crises and the end times in suburban Manchester. Blessings be. Starring Simon Bird and Kate O’Flynn.

Season One, Episode One

David is desperate for the church to promote him to Elder. Fiona covets a new TV – to replace the one her husband destroyed. Aaron lets his frustrations spill into his artwork. Rachel’s door-to-door preaching leads her to meet a nice boy who could get her exiled from her whole family.

Season One, Episode Two

David discovers an ancient book of Order rules and uses it to police his family. Aaron watches his father struggle to convert a non-believer. Fiona starts a new business, despite the Order’s rules and recommendations for ‘womenfolk’. Rachel needs a mobile phone for work experience – and her quest to get one brings her back to Joshua…

Everyone Else Burns on SBS Viceland and SBS on Demand – New Series – Monday, 29 January at 9.25pm (6 parts)

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Everyone Else Burns on SBS Viceland