Evacuation on ABC – In 2021, the world watched as the British armed forces undertook the largest air evacuation since World War II.

Amidst the chaos, confusion and constant threat from Taliban forces in the urgent last days of the war in Afghanistan, over 1,000 UK military personnel were sent to evacuate over 5,000 British nationals and 8,000 Afghans – including thousands of children, with the youngest just one day old.

This three-part documentary series weaves visceral, intimate, raw story-telling with unseen Ministry of Defence archive footage, using unprecedented personal testimony from UK soldiers, as well as Afghans, on the ground in the frenzied evacuation of Kabul.

In tonight’s episode:

When allied forces begin to return home from Afghanistan, the Taliban start taking back parts of the country.

A small team of British military are sent out to prepare for a possible evacuation, and a group of elite soldiers are put on standby to deploy, but nobody knows quite what to expect. Suddenly, the Taliban shock the world by taking the capital Kabul, unleashing chaos on the runway and in the airspace.

The military scramble to clear the airfield of thousands of panicked civilians who have broken through. Will they be able to regain control so they can start the evacuation?

Production credit: A Wonderhood Ltd production for Channel 4 Television. Distributed by Fremantle.

Evacuation on ABC and ABC iview – Monday 13 November, 2023 at 8.30pm

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Evacuation on ABC
Evacuation on ABC