David Baddiel: Jews Don’t Count on SBS – When we talk about antisemitism, many tend to think about Nazis or white supremacists describing Jews as responsible for all the world’s evil.

But writer and comedian David Baddiel identifies a less obvious form of antisemitism, arguing in his Jews Don’t Count documentary that Jews are often ignored by exactly those people who loudly and proudly support other minority groups.

Using examples from popular culture and theatre to football and politics, David asks why, at a time of extreme sensitivity about racism and discrimination to minorities, does there appear to be a lack of inclusion towards Jews?

To explore this blind spot, David travels to meet a wide variety of Jews, including David Schwimmer, Stephen Fry, Sarah Silverman, Jonathan Safran Foer, Neil Gaiman, Miriam Margolyes, Howard Jacobson and Rachel Riley.

David Baddiel: Jews Don’t Count on SBS and SBS on Demand – Premiere – Wednesday, 20 September at 8.30pm

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David Baddiel: Jews Don't Count on SBS