Darby & Joan on ABC – In a small outback town on New Year’s Eve, Joan’s search for answers about Ian is waylaid when the motorhome runs out of fuel.

Taking jobs as waiters to secure the only room available at the local pub, Jack and Joan are drawn into the ‘chop chop’ trade: the sale of illegal tobacco.

Sparks fly as they investigate until Jack and Joan finally meet on the dancefloor as the clock ticks towards midnight… before a dangerous fire breaks out.

Jack and Joan soon realise this is a case of arson… and Joan is convinced the police have arrested the wrong suspect. But is she right? Or is this a reaction to Jack’s detective daughter, Liz (Jolene Anderson), presenting Joan with the irrefutable evidence that Ian was a murderer?

Darby & Joan on ABC and ABC iview – Saturday 3 February, 2024 at 7.30pm

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Darby & Joan on ABC