After her romantic dinner date, Olivia is having feelings she hasn’t experienced before.

Her mum Kerry encourages her to protect her heart and keep expectations in check. A phone call asking her on another date gets her heart racing, and a day out at a wildlife park brings further connection.

Charles readies himself to step out on a date with someone new, hoping he can keep his nerves in check. When he feels an immediate attraction the stakes are so much higher, and the date ends with a surprise.

Nirvali’s date continues, and her honesty about her social anxiety brings an ambiguous response .Liv is a lonely 20-year-old with Cerebral palsy who feels her disability has held her back from finding love. She wants nothing more than to get married, have kids, “the full shebang” – but is yet to step out on a date.

For Dianne, the day has come to finally start her dating journey. With trepidation, she jumps in her Landcruiser ute and heads off into the unknown.

Better Date than Never is a character led six-part docuseries following a diverse group of single loveseekers as they take a huge step in anyone’s life – into the dating world.

Better Date Than Never – Tuesday 14 February, 2023 at 8pm on ABC and ABC iview