Bettany Hughes: Treasures Of Albania on SBS – Located on the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, Professor Bettany Hughes explores Albania, the hidden gem of the Balkans, a land of epic fortress towns, sparkling seas and a diverse history and culture.

In the Albanian Rivera, Bettany travels to the ancient city of Butrint. Albania’s first UNESCO World Heritage site, this classical city is in a stunning national park on the Adriatic coast. Venturing to the north of Albania and the stunning Albanian Alps, Bettany explores some of the country’s cultural heritage. It was here that a distinct culture emerged during the transitional period from Albania’s classical past to its medieval and Ottoman history.

Gjirokastër is a beautifully preserved Ottoman town, immortalised in the works of Nobel nominated Ismail Kadre. Famous for its huge tower houses, Bettany explores one of the best preserved and discovers how Ottoman Albania welcomed travellers and traders along its roadways.

Bettany Hughes: Treasures Of Albania – Premiere – Sunday, 12 March at 7.30pm on SBS and SBS on Demand

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Bettany Hughes: Treasures Of Albania on SBS