Alone: The Skills Challenge on SBS Viceland – Three former Alone participants go head-to-head to complete incredible bushcraft builds using only basic tools and the natural resources around them.

Their goal – to prove who has the ingenuity, experience and wilderness skills to craft the most unbelievable survival build.

Season One, Episode Seven: Supersized Deadfall Trap

Past Alone participants Britt Ahart (Seasons 3 & 5), Jordan Jonas (Season 6 Winner) and Lucas Miller (Season 1) tackle one of their biggest challenges yet – building a massive deadfall trap with just a few simple tools. Will their traps fall into place in time to impress expert survivalist and judge Clay Hayes, or will they fall apart?

Season One, Episode Eight: Floating Shelter

Jordan Jonas (Season 6 winner) challenges three expert builders, Joel van der Loon (Season 7), Callie North (Season 3), and Britt Ahart (Seasons 3 and 5) to build a raft with a shelter. With only three tools at their disposal will they find the raw materials to float, or will they come up short and sink?

Alone: The Skills Challenge on SBS Viceland and SBS on Demand – New Episodes – Tuesday, 26 December at 9.25pm (12 parts)

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Alone: The Skills Challenge on SBS Viceland