All Those Things We Never Said on SBS – Days before her wedding, Julia receives a call to say her father cannot attend. For once, she has to admit he has a really good excuse – he just died.

The day after his funeral, a crate arrives containing a life-sized carbon copy android of her father. The android explains that he possesses the memory of her father with a battery life of seven days. After that, “Michel” will automatically shut down. He convincingly persuades Julia to embark on a road trip, as father and daughter.

The journey becomes a quest to find Julia’s first love, Tomas, a journalist who she believes was killed on assignment – but was he?

Episode One:

The day after her father’s funeral, Julia receives a mysterious package.

Episode Two:

In Bruges, Julia suspects that Michel is not telling her the whole truth.

All Those Things We Never Said on SBS and SBS on Demand – New Series Premiere – Wednesday, 17 January at 10.25pm (9 parts)

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All Those Things We Never Said on SBS