All Creatures Great and Small on ABC – James is finally succeeding with the farmers’ uptake of the Ministry of Agriculture’s TB testing scheme. However, he’s struggling with the complicated paperwork and keen to keep this from Siegfried after being told that it was to be his responsibility alone.

The MAG summons James and tells him that he has one more chance to get it right, or Skeldale will lose the scheme entirely. James reveals this to Helen. She helps him to do everything by the book, but suspects that there is more going on with James than he’s willing to say.

Tristan decides that he’s outgrowing running the small animal surgery and buys a car to help with errands at the practice, as well as taking the daughter of Siegfried’s rival, Florence Pandhi, out on a date.

Siegfried feels side-lined and focuses on micromanaging Tricki while he’s on another health visit at Skeldale to feel more in control.
When a shock departure from Darrowby brings James’ feelings about his place in Darrowby to the surface for Helen, Siegfried steps in and realises that he still has the power to bring everyone back together again.

Mrs Hall agrees to go on a date with Gerald without realising his intentions and has to decide whether she’s ready for them to be more than friends.

Production credit: Playground Television UK Ltd.

All Creatures Great and Small on ABC and ABC iview – Saturday 16 December, 2023 at 7.30pm

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All Creatures Great and Small on ABC