On SBS series, Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland, Adrian meets artist Jim Fitzpatrick.

Join Adrian Dunbar as he travels around the Emerald Isle – his home. From the rugged wild west coast, where the landscape is filled with drama, to the tranquillity of Irelands ancient east.

The two-part series is jam packed with incredible beauty, food, and history.

Ireland’s ancient past will be brought to life, from a 6th century monastery that’s only accessible by boat, to Newgrange, an awe-inspiring prehistoric monument in County Meath. Adrian will ride one of the Ireland’s most scenic railway lines, jump on a bike to cross a viaduct, and hop on a boat to catch lobster.

Season Two, Episode Two:

Chef Tom Kerridge shows Adrian around his 18th-century estate set among 100 stunning acres, before preparing a feast using ingredients picked on the grounds. Afterwards, Adrian heads to Howth to meet artist Jim Fitzpatrick, who created the iconic two-tone portrait of Che Guevara. Then a scenic rail journey along the coast takes him to Powerscourt and the medieval monastic site at Glendalough.

Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland – Final Episode/Thursday, 9 March at 7.35pm on SBS and SBS on Demand (2 Parts)

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