1967: Summer of Love on SBS – In 1967, an expressive, colourful musical force painted a backdrop of social change, fashion, love, turmoil and war.

The world remembers the Summer of Love in 1967 as one of those moments when a unique and creative explosion of music and popular culture arrived in the UK and USA.

This one-hour documentary is driven by the soundtrack of the time, which kept the troops company in Vietnam, powered the Anti-War and Civil Rights movements, and opened the hearts and minds of baby boomers who had matured into teens.

This special celebrates 1967 as a famous year full of music and change: “Stick a flower in your hair and remember that you are Us not Them.”

1967: Summer of Love on SBS and SBS on Demand – Premiere – Monday, 20 November at 8.30pm

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1967: Summer of Love on SBS