Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal on ABC – Seven well known personalities with differing faiths and beliefs, meet in northern Portugal to tackle a modern-day Catholic pilgrimage.

Known as the Northern Way, their destination is the famous Sanctuary in the city of Fatima, where in 1917, three local shepherd children reported seeing apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

Word of the apparent sightings soon spread and on the date of the Virgin’s last apparition, tens of thousands of people were drawn to the site. What they saw that day became known as the Miracle of the Sun, and the story made the international press. Fatima, once a small village, is now one of the biggest Catholic pilgrimage destinations in the world.

In this episode, the seven pilgrims meet for the first time in the small Portuguese town of Valenca. With a map to guide them, they quickly get their pilgrimage underway and are soon in the eucalyptus forests of the Alto Minho region where Vicky is ‘caught short’. As they break for lunch, Nabil takes time to pray in his ‘outdoor mosque’.

Production credit: CTVC for BBC Two

Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal on ABC and ABC iview – Sunday 17 December, 2023 at 9.00am with all episodes available on ABC iview

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Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal on ABC