This week on ESPN and ESPN2 – This week’s ESPN highlights include MLB, All Elite Wrestling, NBA, Lacrosse World Cup, UFC and Baseball.

22 June – 26 June, 2023

This week on ESPN

MLB Live 

10:00am:        MLB Ultimate 
11:30am:        Angels vs Dodgers Live
ESPN2           All Elite Wrestling
10:00am:        AEW Dynamite Live

This week on ESPN

NBA Draft

10:00am:       2023 NBA Draft Live
ESPN2         MLB Live
9:00am:       Yankees vs Mariners Live
Lacrosse World Cup

12:00pm:       Australia vs England Live

This week on ESPN

MLB Live

9:00am:     MLB StrikeZone Live 
Lacrosse World Cup
12:00pm:     USA vs Australia Live 
ESPN2      MLB Live
9:00am:     Yankees vs Rangers Live   

This week on ESPN

UFC: Emmett vs Topuria

5:00am:       UFC Fight Night: Main Live
NCAA Baseball
9:00am:       College World Series Live
ESPN2          Lacrosse World Cup
9:00am:       Australia vs Canada Live

This week on ESPN

MLB Live
8:00am:       Baseball Tonight Live
9:00am:       Dodgers vs Astros Live     
FIBA Asia Cup
7:20pm:       Australia vs Philippines Live  

This week on ESPN

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