The Parasocial Social Club on SBS Audio – SBS’s latest comedy podcast brings together the millennial wisdom of comedian, writer and actress Jenny Tian and stand-up comic and host of SBS’s Love Me Love My Anxiety, Kevin Jin.

This laugh-out-loud series is a quippy, back and forth banter between two friends trying not to screw up their adult lives, with each episode wrapping up with some well-intentioned but perhaps misguided advice.

Jenny Tian, best known for her comedy on TikTok, brings her dry wit to this exploration of one-sided relationships we have with personalities on social media.

“A parasocial relationship is one you’ll experience on the podcast. You’ll know everything about us, and we’ll know nothing about you,”

Tian said.

“When I heard that I get to chat with one of my best comedy friends, Kevin Jin, I got very excited. We have the most ridiculous conversations and I’m glad some of that stupidity got recorded.”

Throughout the six-part series, Tian and Jin make observations on dating and growing up Asian-Australian, as well as trade uncomfortably honest truths like having a secret second doctor for sexual health questions, turning up at the wrong funeral, and being an adult who owns only one fork.

Co-host Kevin Jin said:

“The experience was quite an honour getting to chat about dumb stuff with a good mate that complete strangers get to listen in on,” he said.

“It was a lot of fun riffing and jiffing with Jenny. It’s the most millennial thing that I have ever done, and I hope that it one day haunts my professional and or personal life.”

A key part of each episode is a piece of well-intentioned advice on modern dilemmas like how to quit your job, how to be popular in the office and how to make a long-term marriage sexy again – despite both hosts having zero expertise on this topic.

Jenny Tian said her advice giving comes with a cautionary warning,

“I rate my advice-giving skills a strong zero out of ten, so don’t take our advice but absolutely still listen to the podcast.”

All six episodes of The Parasocial Social Clubareavailable to watch on SBS On Demand and YouTube, or listen on SBS Audio, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other streaming services.

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The Parasocial Social Club on SBS Audio