The Betoota Advocate Presents on Paramount+ – Break Down The Super League War. Paramount+ Australian Original Series, The Betoota Advocate Presents, Streaming Now.

What really happened when media moguls Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Packer went head-to-head over a national pastime in the late 1990s? Only Australia’s most trusted newspaper The Betoota Advocate can get to the crux of the matter with those that were there, in their new series The Betoota Advocate Presents, a Paramount+ Australian Original Series, streaming now.

Featuring interviews with the players and the head honchos battling it out in the boardrooms, Editor At Large Errol Parker and Editor Clancy Overell have left no stone unturned with the likes of Paul Harrigan, Wendell Sailor, Bradley Clyde, John Quayle and Ray Martin all jumping in front of the camera to share their tales from the trenches.

It’s a look into Australia’s past, told the only way The Betoota Advocate know how. With cold hard facts.  

Click below for an extended look of The Betoota Advocate Presents The Super League War.  

The Betoota Advocate Presents – streaming now on Paramount+

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