Taskmaster New Zealand and UK on Binge – First look at the new seasons of popular comedy game shows Taskmaster New Zealand Season 4 and Taskmaster UK Season 16 coming to BINGE this month. 

Taskmaster New Zealand is back for its fourth season with the titular Jeremy Wells, ably supported by his assistant Paul Williams, returning to cast judgment over 5 of New Zealand’s best, brightest, and most available comedians. 

Season 4 sees our comedian panel of Bubbah, Dai Henwood, Karen O’Leary, Melanie Bracewell and Ray O’Leary attempt a series of tasks at the Taskmaster ranch that will test their mental fortitude, physical prowess, and how good they are at reading. This season sees tasks that include singing duets with themselves, finding bowls of glitter, and becoming British to name but a few.

The omniscient, omnipotent and omnivorous Taskmaster Greg Davies and his stunningly efficient assistant Alex Horne are back on their respective thrones in the award-winning sixteenth season of Taskmaster UK. 

Ready to test the mettle of a brand-new set of comics sat before them on much smaller chairs, the quivering quintet who have willingly placed their careers in Greg’s soft hands are: Julian Clary, comedy actor, writer and stand-up Lucy Beaumont, presenter, writer and comedian Sue Perkins, and actor, writer and director Susan Wokoma.

The new season also features Australian multi-award winning stand-up Sam Campbell

Fans of the Taskmaster franchise can also enjoy the latest seasons of Taskmaster New Zealand and Taskmaster UK on BINGE.

BAFTA and National Comedy Award winning and International Emmy nominated format, hosted by critically-acclaimed comic Greg Davies as The Taskmaster, was created by British comedian Alex Horne, who also stars as the Taskmaster’s Assistant, and originally produced by Avalon. Taskmaster New Zealand is being co-produced by Kevin & Co and Avalon with support from NZ On Air.  

TASKMASTER NEW ZEALAND Season 4 premieres Wednesday September 13 on BINGE and Sunday September 17 on Fox8 at 8.30pm and available On Demand.

TASKMASTER UK Season 16 premieres Friday September 22 on BINGE and on Fox8 at 7.30pm and available On Demand. 

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Taskmaster New Zealand and UK on Binge
Taskmaster NZ (image – Binge)