Would I Lie to You? Australia on Channel 10 – Host Chrissie Swan and Team Captains Charlie Pickering and Frank Woodley will lead a panel of famous faces on Would I Lie To You?,the show where dishonesty is honestly the best policy.

On Frank’s team is radio and TV host Myf Warhurst and comedian Tommy Little, while Charlie is joined by comedy legends Peter Rowsthorn and Geraldine Hickey. Both teams will deliver some doubtful details, but who is for real and who is just full of it?

Did doctors have to intervene when Tommy got too caught up in a wellness fad and did Geraldine really roll out of a moving car to escape a spider? 

Would I Lie To You? – Monday, 13 March At 8:40pm on 10 And 10 Play.

Media Release – Paramount

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