SBS shares the celebration of Eid with all Australians – SBS is celebrating Eid al-Fitr to mark the end of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, prayer and community, with an exciting feast of food, entertainment, news and events for all Australians to enjoy and celebrate the rich diversity of our country.

Across the network, SBS will share distinctive content in 16 languages: Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Cantonese, Dari, English, French, Hindi, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, Pashto, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish and Urdu. This includes rolling local news coverage, articles and explainers, bespoke teacher resources, a new Ramadan podcast and recipes from different cuisines to strengthen community and connection whilst entertaining and informing.

James Taylor, Managing Director of SBS said:

“SBS is delighted to be celebrating Eid al-Fitr with distinctive content and storytelling in more than 16 languages. It’s a wonderful invitation to all Australians to be part of this important cultural celebration,” he said.

“Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, is a global multicultural, multilingual occasion observed by more than 800,000 Muslim-Australians of diverse backgrounds. We’re proud for SBS to be at the forefront of sharing this celebration.”

SBS Audio is covering Ramadan and Eid in Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Dari, English, Pashto, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu and on NITV Radio with stories from across contemporary Australia and beyond. SBS Arabic24 is providing rolling coverage, including an interview with the Grand Mufti of Australia.

Newly-arrived migrants are also included in the celebration through SBS’s Settlement Guide series with explainers in English on Ramadan and Eid, and religious fasting and how it affects health. SBS Learn has produced two teacher resources to use in the classroom on observing Ramadan and celebrating Eid.

SBS Audio has also specially commissioned My Ramadan –a five-part podcast exploring the experiences of prominent Muslim-Australians in a nuanced and joyful way, hosted by Walkley Award winning journalist Sarah Malik and available here

The Arabic Collection has the best of SBS On Demand in spoken Arabic or with Arabic subtitles. SBS documentary The Swap will be available with Arabic subtitles in this collection. The Swap documents the journey of six students from Australia’s largest Islamic school, swap places with six students from Catholic colleges and a secular state high school.

Continuing the Eid celebrations, SBS On Demand is offering a curated list of 32 films in the Celebrating Eid Collection to stream including drama, comedy, cooking and documentaries. Films herald from all over the globe including Baba Amin (1950) a classic family film in Arabic from pioneering Egyptian director Youssef Chahine. It tells the story of a father who passes away after a shady investment and watches his family from the afterlife. Under the Fig Trees (2021) is a Tunisian coming-of-age film about a group of young people working during the summer harvest. The list includes films in Arabic, Cantonese, Dari, English, French, Hindi, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish and Urdu.

Also on SBS On Demand is Michael Palin: Into Iraq, which explores what life is like for the 40 million people who live in Iraq, also referred to as the cradle of civilization, and looking into its past as well as its troubled present.

SBS Food has featured a line-up of content from home cook Nadiya Hussain with Nadiya’s Fast Flavours, Nadiya’s Time To Eat and Nadiya’s Everyday Baking now available on SBS On Demand. SBS Food will also broadcast Middle East Feast with Shane Delia and John Torode’s Middle East from Monday 17 April to Friday 21 April. There is also a collection of Eid recipes that can be found at

SBS Voices have published first-person stories on family and Eid and will publish a story on 20 April about one young writer’s mother’s traditional salwar kameez clothing and learning more about her mother’s memories of celebrating Ramadan and Eid in India.

SBS VICELAND will show the documentary How Islam Built the Modern World on Friday 21 April at 10.15pm, tracing the inventions of modern technology back to Islamic and Arabic scientists in the Middle Ages. SBS World Movies will premiere The Orphanage on Friday 21 April at 7.50pm from the celebrated female Afghani writer and director Shahrbanoo Sadat, set in the late 1980s about a 15-year-old living in the streets of Kabul until the police bring him to a Soviet orphanage. Ali’s Wedding will be broadcaston Saturday 22 April at 8.30pm – a classic Aussie-Muslim rom-com about a neurotic, naive, musically gifted Muslim cleric’s eldest son following through with an arranged marriage, even though he’s madly in love with an Australian-born Lebanese girl.

SBS News will cover local and international events and has published a guide to Ramadan for non-Muslims and a look into Ramadan Lakemba Night Markets where one million people are expected to visit. SBS News in Arabic also produce a weeknightly news bulletin on SBS WorldWatch at 8.00pm to 8.30pm and available on SBS On Demand.

As part of the celebrations, SBS has partnered with Ramadan Lakemba Night Markets, taking place every night of Ramadan from dusk to 3am, and the Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair at Fairfield Showground on Sunday 30 April.

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SBS shares the celebration of Eid with all Australians