The Traitors on 10 – Traitor Takes Down Traitor. Murdered: Paeden, SA (Faithful) Banished: Ash, VIC (Traitor).

Guess Sam is off Ash’s Christmas Card list this year! Tonight on The Traitors, it was an all-out war between Traitors when Ash discovered Sam was the one who lead the attempted blindside against her last Banishment. But this time, Sam’s crusade worked, and Ash was banished. Here’s how the betrayal went down…

Following Gyton’s banishment, Traitor Ash was the first to arrive at breakfast with a desire to uncover who was leading the charge against her. When Luke revealed that it was Sam, her fellow Traitor, she vowed to go after him. But Sam wasn’t phased, he wants to run the game and needs to get rid of Ash to do that, so he doubled down on his plans to blindside her.

The table was set for a Traitor v Traitor showdown, but neither of them realised that Luke was watching closely, gathering intel as his suspicions grew over who could be a Traitor. Meanwhile, the Faithful grew frustrated when they discover Paeden was murdered last night.

Following a combined effort to win $16k in silver to add to the prize pot, Ash’s winning team were granted access to the Armoury, with Liam scoring the Shield. Sam wasted no time in gathering his numbers against Ash. It’s a move that, unbeknown to him, caused Luke and Annabel to grow suspicious that Sam was a Traitor.

Ash and Sam went head-to-head at banishment, but Sam was ultimately victorious, when Traitor Ash was banished from the game. At Traitor’s Tower, Sam and Blake considered whether to murder Paul or Simone, until Rodger offered them the opportunity to recruit a Faithful into their ranks.

Who will they choose to don the red velvet? But the bigger question is… will the chosen Faithful make the jump to the dark side? Find out when The Traitors continues tomorrow night.

The TraitorsContinues Tuesday, 22 August At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

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The Traitors on 10
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The Traitors on 10
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