Last episode of Married At First Sight left us in the thick of Claire’s emotional admission to Jesse – that she did in fact kiss Adam after weeks of denying it

And Jesse is still reeling from the news that his wife cheated on him. 

“I’m just remembering back to all these things you said to me and wow what a hypocrite you are,” he slams Claire.  

And while Claire and Jesse were on the route to a happy ending it’s safe to say that that situation is now a car crash and it’s looking grim.

“I think it’s fair to say that we’re not going to continue,” Jesse says, drawing a line in the sand.

MAFS 2023
Jesse can’t contain his tears over the cheating bombshell. (Nine)

“So I’ll just see you when I see you.”

He leaves Claire outside and walks back into Tayla and Hugo’s wedding.

It’s not long before Jesse’s mind jumps to the other part of this cheating equation – Janelle

“This is probably going to hit Janelle harder than it’s hit me,” he tells cameras. 

But that’s not to say this is hitting Jesse hard. The groom is distraught and breaks down into tears. 

“You just told your husband you cheated on him. I don’t want to see her, I don’t want to talk to her. I’m done,” Jesse sobs.

“I knew I obviously liked her somewhat but I didn’t think that I liked her that much to be crying over it.”

With Jesse having made his mind up about where Claire stands with him, the next day he directs his attention to the real enemy – Adam

Adam opens his door to this order from Jesse: “I think you better come with me bro.” 

Like a police officer taking a murder suspect into an interview room, Jesse escorts Adam into his apartment. 

Jesse starts with a ‘good cop’ approach to Adam’s informal interrogation and tells him to “get comfy”.

“Why do you think I pulled you in here?” he asks.

But Adam plays a fool and thinks it’s time to bounce. Jesse isn’t happy with the outcome so far and switches to ‘bad cop’ in hopes of getting an answer. 

MAFS 2023
Bro Claire already told me you guys kissed! (Nine)

Things get so heated between Jesse and Adam that most of the conversation is bleeped out, but we manage to get a few key pieces of information from the encounter. 

Adam denies “hooking up” with Claire  but when Jesse asks why Claire would make that up then, Adam is short of an explanation. 

Adam says things like “it didn’t happen like that” and “there’s a lot more to it” and while Jesse waits patiently for Adam to lay it all bare, Adam realises he’s backed himself into a corner.  

The groom decides he’s not going to admit guilt in the middle of the hallway and takes things back into Jesse’s apartment. 

Having heard all the commotion, Claire lets herself into Jesse’s apartment to find out what exactly is going down. 

Once Claire again admits what they did was wrong, Adam is left with no choice but to come clean. 

“It was one stupid little drunken kiss that happened mate,” Adam finally says. 

He thinks “that the whole thing is irrelevant” because Claire and Jesse seemed to be in a good place.

“I didn’t want to make a huge big deal about it, but it is, and everything gets uncovered and I can wear it,” Adam says. 

“I don’t know what to say that can make this anymore right.” Umm, mate you could try saying sorry?

MAFS 2023
Jesse gets right up in Adam’s grill during he heated confrontation. (Nine)

There’s one very important piece of the puzzle that Adam seems to be forgetting – his wife Janelle.

And now that it’s all out in the open, Adam does the noble thing and tells his wife he cheated on her three weeks ago, swooping in before someone else does and makes him look even worse.  

This is how Adam decides to break the news: “To me it was nothing, but me and Claire had a little kiss.

“Off the back of the big fight we had, it’s gonna sound like an excuse but we weren’t in the best place, that’s not an excuse.” That’s definitely an excuse. 

Janelle is baffled, especially because she’s never been aware that she and Adam weren’t in a good place.

“I just feel like I’ve had your back throughout this whole thing and this is only coming out now and I just feel so stupid,” she says. 

The best Adam can say is “yeah”. And at this point I seriously think the word ‘sorry’ is not in Adam’s vocabulary. 

MAFS 2023
Janelle is in tears that she let Adam play her for a fool. (Nine)

While she holds it together in front of Adam, Janelle later bursts into tears in the hallway by herself. 

“I just feel like an idiot for trusting him,” she sobs.

“Then he’s trying to tell me we weren’t in a good place. We were in a good place, it’s like he’s trying to blame me. 

“This has completely caught me off guard. I just feel numb.” 

The first person Janelle runs to is Jesse and the two bond over being collateral damage of Adam and Claire’s mistake. 

“I’m gonna roast him at the Dinner Party, I’m gonna roast him at the Dinner Party. He’s not coming out of this unscathed,” Janelle promises Jesse. 

“Nicceee!” Jesse smiles from ear to ear, glad to finally have an ally. 

Evelyn and Rupert’s Honeymoon 

Off the back of a very awkward weddingEvelyn tries to break the ice with Rupert. And she thinks the best way to do that is with a steamy bath together. 

While the image of Evelyn in a white bikini “takes Rupert’s breath away” it’s not her hotness that really works Rupert into a sweat. 

“The water is kind of burning my skin,” Rupert wheezes. 

On that note Evelyn dismisses her husband from what was supposed to be a romantic honeymoon activity. At this point Evelyn is struggling to see “any sexual chemistry flowing between them”.

But all hope isn’t lost, the Honesty Box arrives and Evelyn is positive it will bring the pair closer together. 

While at first Rupert almost faints when Evelyn utters the word “orgasm” while answering one of the questions, he eventually opens up to his new wife. 

“You make me nervous,” Rupert admits. “You’re gorgeous, it’s very cliché but I think you’re very sexy.

“I definitely could see myself being compatible with you.” 

It’s a small step, but it’s enough for Evelyn.

“Now that I know that I make him nervous it’s all beginning to make sense to me,” she tells cameras. 

Tayla and Hugo’s Honeymoon  

Sleeping arrangements can be an awkward subject for many of our newlyweds and while many settle for a pillow wall for their first few nights together, that’s not good enough for Tayla

Tayla suggests that the couch “is the perfect fit” for Hugo and even proposes he sleeps on the floor.  

Hugo submits to Tayla’s demands and sets up camp on the windowsill.

The groom understands that she might not want to share a bed with someone she’s just met but admits he “wasn’t expecting” this reaction. 

“It’s just human decency, you’re allowed running water, you’re allowed WiFi and you’re allowed a bloody bed,” he vents. 

“I’m really not happy with the way she’s conducted herself.” 

Things go from bad to worse at dinner when Hugo tries to learn more about Tayla. 

When he asks what she was hoping for in a partner she says this: “Someone probably the opposite of you.”

MAFS 2023
To say Tayla and Hugo’s date is a little frosty would be an understatement. (Nine)

Tayla follows that up with her list of partner requirements which include but are not limited to someone that doesn’t talk much, tradies, footballers and men that “drink beer and beer only”. 

Ticking none of those boxes, Hugo softens that blow by knocking back a huge gulp of his alcoholic beverage which may or may not be beer. 

Liquid courage on his side, Hugo delivers this line: “You’ve been a b—h to me the entire time.

“I definitely feel no part of you wants to work on this.”

After saying that Hugo is making things up and she does want to try, she then tells Hugo to “shut up”.

“You like the sound of your own voice too much and it actually annoys me,” she snaps.

“And I’m not the tiniest little bit sorry for saying that.”  

Safe to say Hugo will be sleeping on the windowsill again tonight. 

Married At First Sight continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm and Sunday at 7.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.