The Masked Singer Australia on 10 – Space Fairy Rockets Out Of The Competition. Charlotte Crosby Is The Fifth Celebrity Revealed On The Masked Singer Australia.

In a galactic twist, reality TV darling Charlotte Crosby has been revealed as Space Fairy on tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer Australia.

Despite an out of this world performance of Meghan Trainor’s Lips Are Movin’, the studio audience selected her as the mask whose identity would be uncovered.

Space Fairy’s celestial talent had the guessing panel captivated, but they were once again led astray by her clues. Instead, they locked in some of the world’s most talented professional singers, Marcia Hines, Jesy Nelson, Joss Stone and Mary J Blige.

Commenting on the judge’s certainty that she was a Grammy winning artist, Charlotte said: “You’re telling me you think I was that good? I’ve never sung in front of anyone in my life!”

The Masked Singer Australia on 10
The Masked Singer – Space Fairy – Charlotte Crosby (image – 10)

She then revealed that she was originally meant to perform on The Masked Singer Australia in 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic upended her plans. Whilst she made it all the way to Australia’s shores, she then ended up in quarantine in a hotel room for month, which saw her relationship end.

Charlotte thanked The Masked Singer Australia for changing her life as she divulged that she never would have ended up with her current partner, who she’s recently had a child with, if it weren’t for her month-long hotel stay.

“Everything got better from then. So, I’ve got to thank The Masked Singer – and COVID, really!”

With more performances to come, including another wild card, are you any closer to guessing who’s behind the masks?

Tune in to The Masked Singer Australia next Monday, where our celebrities will battle it out in the country’s greatest game of “Who Sung It?”

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