The Masked Singer Australia on 10 – Captain’s First And Final Charter. Brendan Fevola Is The Ninth Celebrity Revealed On The Masked Singer Australia.

Oh Captain, my Captain! Just as we got on board with our latest wildcard, Captain set sail out of The Masked Singer Australia competition.

In an unmasking that left audiences saluting the stage, our newest mask was revealed to be AFL legend and radio personality Brendan Fevola.

Following a very nauti-cal performance of DJ Ötzi’s Hey Baby, our studio audience decided Captain just couldn’t stay afloat, selecting him as the mask whose identity would be revealed.

Abbie, Chrissie and Mel locked in Wally Lewis, Rick Springfield, and The Traitors Australia alum Gyton Grantley as their guesses, whilst Hughesy took out his first successful guess of the season, nailing the Captain’s identity as his mate Brendan Fevola.

The Masked Singer Australia on 10
The Masked Singer Australia – Brendan Fevola is The Captain (image – Paramount)

Chrissie commented, “Fev, you absolutely brought the party tonight.”

Fev was quick to remind her, “I always do, Chrissie, I always do.”

When asked how he was able to keep his involvement a secret from Dave, Fev admitted it was hard not to tell him, before teasing his friend, “Hughesy, you finally got one right!”

Dave was thrilled that Fev had finally made it onto The Masked Singer Australia stage: “We’ve been wanting you to be on this show since the start, and finally you’re on the show mate!”

Fev said, “I’m guessed every year. My Instagram and Twitter goes nuts, saying this is 100 per cent you, so I thought I’d finally come in as a wildcard, a firecracker, and bring the party!”

With our grand finale right around the corner, are you any closer to guessing who’s behind the masks?

Tune in to The Masked Singer Australia again tomorrow night, when our celebrities will battle it out in the country’s greatest game of “Who Sung It?”

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