The Kingdom on SBS – Deeply personal documentary by Marc Fennell sees significant audience uplift from digital and time shifted viewing

  • Marc Fennell’s newest documentary The Kingdom has delivered strong audiences for SBS across linear and digital driven by on demand viewing, especially on SBS On Demand, with the show last week breaking into the top 10 most watched TV shows in the ^OzTAM 7 Day VPM rankings.
  • In the 11 Days since its debut on SBS On Demand, the documentary, which examines the world of Pentecostal religion and megachurches such as Hillsong, has achieved a Total TV audience of 365,000 with a Total TV uplift of 102%.
  • Commenting on the audience response to what is a deeply personal documentary, Marc Fennell said: “Of anything I have ever made I have never had an audience response like what we have seen with The Kingdom. I have been inundated with messages of people sharing their own stories after watching the film. Much like our previous series Framed, we’re excited to see how word of mouth is sending people to the documentary via SBS On Demand.”

The Kingdom (image - SBS)

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The Kingdom on SBS