Question Everything on ABC TV – Question Everything is back with Wil Anderson, Jan Fran,and a collection of Australia’s best and brightest comedians to dissect the news from Wednesday 18 October at 8.30pm on ABC TV and ABC iview.

During the nine new episodes the panel will give you the clues to unpack the news, miss all misinformation, and stay informed not alarmed.

Pulling apart the news media, Question Everything refuses to put it back together again with all the fun and information that has made this the ABC’s highest-rating show with a Q in the title. Take that, QI, Q&A, Queen of Oz and all Qanon Documentaries. *

Host Wil Anderson says, “I thought there was no way we would have enough material for a third season, but we are still being bombarded with misinformation. In fact, we might need more episodes to get through it all.”

As well as providing the audience with the tools to understand the news, Question Everything is a development ground for the next generation of Australian comedians. Through workshops, internship programs, and in-depth writing tutorials with some of Australia’s most experienced writers and performers, young comedians are given their first step into the comedy industry or a leg-up on their rise to greatness.

Host Jan Fran adds,

“It’s a thrill to see some of Australia’s best and brightest new comedians take on some of Australia’s most laughable news reporting. But really, I am only here to gather behind-the-scenes information for my shocking tell-all interview in a few years.”

Question Everything on ABC TV and ABC iview – season 3 airs Wednesdays at 8.30pm

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