Podcast | Mitch McTaggart (Last Year of Television) – The Last Year of Television returns for 2023 to Foxtel and Binge with another hilarious, perhaps shameless and cheeky look at the year that was.

Host Mitch McTaggart is an Antenna Awards winner, and nominee with the Sydney Web Fest and the Australian Teachers of Media Awards. He is a presenter, actor composer, and writer.

In this podcast with Mitch McTaggart, he chats about:

  • the agenda behind making The Last Year of Television
  • the erroneous assumption that he does not like television
  • a normal week (projects)
  • being, for the most part, the entire team behind The Last Year of Television
  • the research that goes into the show
  • the conundrum of going too far or not far enough
  • the content in this year’s episode
  • interests outside of the media
  • his Logies experience
  • Fam Time
  • his runner up status in the Coles Fossey cutest baby award

Last Year of Television – 28 December on Foxtel and Binge

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Podcast | Mitch McTaggart (Last Year of Television)

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Thanks to Charlotte Leddie at Binge for organising this podcast

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The Last Year of Television

BINGE today announced the Australian comedy special The Last Year of Television, created and written, and hosted by Mitch McTaggart, will premiere 31 December, 2022 on BINGE, home of the world’s best shows.

In this hilarious end-of-year special, Mitch takes an excoriating look at the good, the bad and the cringe of everything that has happened on Australian television this year. Expect jokes, relatable indignation, and a controversial take on your favourite or maybe your least favourite Aussie shows of the year. 

Mitch McTaggart said:

“Ask yourself how has the year stacked up compared with others? Has it been just as chaotic? Of course it has – or I would be out of a job otherwise. 

“I am absolutely pumped to bring The Last Year of Television to BINGE viewers, prepare your favourite antacid or pillow to involuntarily cringe into, and let the savage world of television wash over you like a sad rock.” 

BINGE Executive Director, Alison Hurbert-Burns said:

“We are thrilled to have Mitch on board to remind us all about the Aussie TV that graced our screens this year.

“Nothing is off limits in this sharp year-in-review. It will make you think twice and have you laughing out loud as Mitch bids farewell to 2022 in style.” 

Mitch McTaggart – Last Year of Television

Podcast | Mitch McTaggart (Last Year of Television)

Mitch McTaggart

Mitch has been involved in media production for over 10 years. Starting off as an editor, he moved into producing educational videos, then TVCs, then directing them.

Alongside this was writing and producing television comedy for Channel 31, ABC (Headswapsies, 2017), and SBS, as the writer/producer of The Last Year Of Television (2020-) and The Back Side of Television (2021-).

He is also a composer, writing the theme music for his show as well as original songs for live comedy (MICF, Melbourne Fringe).

Other appearances include Touched By An Angle Grinder (ABC, 2014) and independent horror film Cat Sick Blues (2015).

This is in addition to 5 years teaching the Film & TV course at Deakin University.

He also presented breakfast radio on Joy 94.9 (2016-18) but the early morning starts were unbearable.

Mitch McTaggart videos

Podcast | Mitch McTaggart (Last Year of Television)