Liz Hayes is a consummate professional and a much loved Australian television journalist and presenter.

She has travelled the world, spoken to many celebrities and witnessed major world events and natural disasters, but says it is the every day person she is most captivated by.

In this podcast, Liz chats about:

  • why the audience might resonate with Under Investigation
  • being shocked by some of the experts angles on a story
  • whether she has her own theories on some cases
  • the Ray Kehlet murder and Jennie Kehlet disappearance (ep 1)
  • celebrity chef Willi Koeppen’s disappearance (ep 2)
  • Doctor Manock (ep 3)
  • a story that touched her heart on 60 Minutes
  • what all the travel, events and interviews taught her about humanity
  • being a role model to another women in the media
  • anything else on the bucket list

Under Investigation – Wednesdays at 9pm on Nine and 9Now

60 Minutes – Sundays at 8:40pm on Nine and 9 Now

Thanks to Claudine Blondeau at Nine for organizing this podcast

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