He was loyal, he was in the ‘meat tray’ group and was strong in the challenges, but that meant nothing as King George slayed him, despite the King being in a minority.

David also reveals that being physically strong plays only a small part in winning challenges, as the women prove their endurance and mental capabilities.

On this podcast, David chats about:

  • if it is a bit embarrassing having contestants picked off one by one by King George
  • if there was any hint of the blindside
  • the last minute change of mind to switch the elimination from Sam to David
  • what his strategy would have been
  • the whole ‘meat tray’ slogan
  • why Rogue was an outcast
  • weight loss on the island
  • why the women are doing so well in endurance challenges

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Note: TV Central will be chatting to most eliminated contestants this season

Thanks to Lorraine Monforte-guy at 10 for organising this podcast

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