Optus SubHub offers a range of special summer offers – With cost-of-living pressures affecting so many Australian households, Optus SubHub is offering a ray of sunshine to its customers this summer, with a range of subscriptions and offers that bring them closer to the content they love – and for less! 

SubHub, a world-first subscription management hub, allows eligible Optus customers to take control of their subscriptions, curate watch lists and enjoy special offers on their favourite subscriptions. Some of the partner offers currently available on SubHub to eligible Optus customers as of 14 December 2023 include: 

  • Optus Sport for $6.99pm (saving 72% off RRP) 
  • Amazon Prime: 3 months on us 
  • Microsoft 365: 1 month on us  
  • GeForce NOW Powered by CloudGG: 1 month offer on casual tier 

(T&Cs and eligibility criteria apply. Offers available until withdrawn – see https://subhub.optus.com.au/ for more information) 

Enjoy your favourite subscriptions, including Netflix and many others, by managing them through SubHub and unlocking a 10% discount when you add three or more eligible subscriptions.  

At a time when subscription options – and the associated costs – are growing, SubHub brings value, flexibility and control to simplify the management of those subscriptions through an easy-to-use dashboard, placing them all into one simple monthly payment via your Optus account. 

Brendan Collogan, Head of SubHub, said,

“SubHub lets Australian consumers consolidate the management of their growing numbers of paid subscriptions through an easy-to-use subscription management hub that brings them closer to the content they love, whilst also providing special offers to help them save money in the process. 

“Our line-up of premium subscription partners ensures we’re able to cater for the entire family and customers can customise their subscription lineup and swap between them with ease whilst making savings in the process.” 

About Optus SubHub: 

Optus SubHub allows you to take control of your subscriptions, curate your watch list and enjoy special offers on some of the world’s best subscriptions. With Optus SubHub, you get peace of mind of seeing exactly what you spend each month, in a single payment, through an easy-to-use dashboard, making the management of your subscriptions simple. And best of all, bring three or more eligible services together to save 10% off the lot, every month.  

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Optus SubHub offers a range of special summer offers
Optus SubHub offers a range of special summer offers