Optus SubHub Crowns Best TV Show Of 2023 in End-Of-Year List – It’s that time of year again when everyone shares their end-of-year wrap-ups and lists. And as the home of subscription management, Optus SubHub’s team of content experts are weighing in on the debate of which TV show reigned supreme in a year full of unmissable TV series by compiling their top 10 TV shows for 2023. 

And SubHub’s pick for best TV show of the year: Beckham on Netflix

The Netflix original series about the life and career of one of football’s most iconic players, David Beckham, the series completely took over the zeitgeist and enthralled viewers the world over – both football die-hards and casual fans – especially the tender interactions and home life between David and superstar wife, Victoria Beckham. 

“The power couple are suddenly very back, very relevant and very loved. And not only by football fans, but everyone in the world,”

– SubHub said in their end-of-year wrap.  

Also singled out for praise in a year of unforgettable TV was the global smash, The Last Of Us

The video game-inspired series, which screened on BINGE, quickly amassed a cult following and became one of the most talked-about shows of the year. 

The full list of 2023’s best TV shows, as ranked by the SubHub team of content experts: 

10. Yellowjackets – Paramount+  

9. Jury Duty – Prime Video  

8. Strife – BINGE 

7. Bodies – Netflix 

6. Daisy Jones & The Six – Prime Video 

5. The Last of Us – BINGE 

4. Dead Ringers – Prime Video  

3. Succession – BINGE 

2. The White Lotus – BINGE 

1. Beckham – Netflix  

Read the full rundown here and see the attached hype reel. 

Brendan Collogan, Head of SubHub, said,

“This list truly encapsulates the incredible year of premium TV we’ve been treated to in 2023, with so many amazing moments and debates created throughout the year. 

“With a range of subscription offers, SubHub not only brings customers closer to the content they love, but it simplifies the growing subscription market via the easy-to-use dashboard to put customers back in control of their subscription and payment management.”  

About Optus SubHub: 

Optus SubHub allows you to take control of your subscriptions, curate your watch list and enjoy special offers on some of the world’s best subscriptions. With Optus SubHub, you get peace of mind of seeing exactly what you spend each month, in a single payment, through an easy-to-use dashboard, making the management of your subscriptions simple. And best of all, bring three or more eligible services together to save 10% off the lot, every month.  

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Optus SubHub Crowns Best TV Show Of 2023 in End-Of-Year List

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Optus SubHub Crowns Best TV Show Of 2023 in End-Of-Year List
Optus SubHub Crowns Best TV Show Of 2023 in End-Of-Year List