Night Bloomers on SBS Viceland – New horror anthology Night Bloomers sees stories from the Australian Korean diaspora come to life in a haunting five-part series premiering just in time for Halloween on Saturday 28 October at 9:30pm on SBS VICELAND and all episodes available shortly after to stream free on SBS On Demand.

Shot in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Night Bloomers is part of the SBS/NITV and Screen Australia’s Digital Originals initiative and headlines with an ensemble cast including Ra Chapman (Wentworth), Deborah An (Harrow), Helen Kim (Doctor Doctor), Joshua Park (The Messenger), Rayden Casano, Jaewoo Kim, Clara Kim (Troppo), Jeno Kim (Appetite), Charles An (Last King of the Cross) and Cooper Mortlock.

Night Bloomers has been invited to feature at SXSW Sydney as part of their prestigious TV Premieres section.

The series is created, written, directed, and produced by Andrew Undi Lee (Melon Grab, Troppo, Born to Spy), and produced by Ashlea Ritchie (Melon Grab) for Turn About Entertainment. The creative team also includes executive producers Michael McMahon (Clickbait, Nowhere Boys) and Arts & Cultural Exchange’s Barry Gamba (Carla & Lisa’s Countdown), and writers Ra Chapman (White Fever), Jacob Holmes-Brown and Suzanne Soo Hyun Kim, who also directed an episode.

Night Bloomers is a horror anthology series exploring multigenerational stories from the unspoken immigration experiences of the Korean Australia diaspora.

It adapts a modern twist on ancient Korean folklore stories, mixed with the supernatural beliefs and story traditions from Korean Shamanism. In it, is a creepy and off-kilter world with interconnected heroes, all struggling with fractured identities that were impacted by war and immigration.

Each hero faces mortality in a unique way, coupled with a deep yearning that manifests in malevolent forms of evilness that the ensemble of characters must overcome collectively. If not, the goblins, ghosts and creatures that live in and around them will continue to devour the community.

Night Bloomers received principal production funding from Screen Australia in association with SBS, with the support of Screen NSW. Developed with assistance from Screen Australia and SBS.

Night Bloomers will be available with audio description and subtitled on SBS On Demand in five different languages including: Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese and Korean.  Please find more information on SBS, Screen Australia, and NITV’s Digital Originals initiative here

Night Bloomers on SBS Viceland and SBS on Demand – will premiere on Saturday 28 October at 9.30pm.

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Night Bloomers on SBS Viceland

Night Bloomers on SBS Viceland