Equal the Contest from Umbrella Entertainment – Umbrella Entertainment has today announced the Australian digital release date for the powerful true story, EQUAL THE CONTEST.

Directed by Mitch Nivalis, the gentle and personal agitprop film is set to arrive on all major digital platforms on March 6, 2024, just in time for International Women’s Day.

Equal the Contest follows the Mt Alexander Falcons football club, a new community level club created in 2021 by and for, women and gender diverse people. When 42-year-old, non-binary filmmaker, Mitch, joins the new local women’s footy club in Regional Victoria a simple desire to play becomes a complex journey of inclusion and belonging. An unexpected turn means the team must fight to play. Their campaign challenges age old sporting traditions and joins the wider movement for gender equity.

Along the way, Mitch discovers the 1948 Castlemaine Woollen Mill Women’s football team. It’s last surviving member, 93-year-old Mavis Thompson’s experiences playing football mirror the struggles of Mitch and The Falcons.

Winning the Best First Feature Documentary at Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2023, Equal the Contest is a case study for current day gender inequality, highlighting the challenges still faced by women and gender diverse people who simply want to play football.

Equal the Contest from Umbrella Entertainment – available to rent or own from 6 March, 2024.

Media Release – Umbrella Entertainment

Equal the Contest from Umbrella Entertainment

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