She played the villain with a lot of heart but perhaps some integrity in the villain camp cost her a spot in the competition.

Mimi becomes the third person voted out of Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains.

On this podcast Mimi chats about:

  • Not being 100% honest about the cookie jar
  • Sugar fix when starving
  • Why the change from Stevie to her
  • Any indication at all of being up for the elimination
  • Showing integrity in second rewards challenge
  • The meat pack
  • Not winning immunity challenges
  • Any signs about George and Simon having Idols (or do they?)
  • Voting off Anjali and Michael
  • Stuff we are not seeing on the show
  • Who Mimi wants to go the furtherest
  • Working in a male dominated industry

Australian Survivor continues Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays on 10 and 10 Play

You can read last night’s recap HERE

Note: TV Central will be chatting to ALL eliminated contestants this season

Thanks to Lorraine Monforte-guy at 10 for organising this podcast

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