I Kissed a Boy on 10 Play – No Small Talk, No Swiping. It’s All About The First Kiss. I Kissed A Boy, Premieres Wednesday, 13 September On 10 Play.

Pop goddess Dannii Minogue plays Cupid in the UK’s first ever gay dating show I Kissed A Boy, streaming on 10 Play on Wednesday, 13 September.

In I Kissed A Boy, ten single men head to Europe, where romance will start with a kiss. Before they arrive, they will be paired up with the man best suited to them and as soon as they meet, they have to share a kiss to see if sparks fly.

Of course, along the way there will be dramatic decisions, wandering eyes and preconceptions to be challenged. But will any of them find their true love?

I Kissed A Boy – Premieres Wednesday, 13 September On 10 Play.

Media Release – Paramount

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