Happy New Year from TV Central – from the TV Central family (myself, Jaxon and Adrian), we would like to wish every reader of TV Central, a very safe, prosperous and blessed New Year and hope that 2024 brings joy, warmth and opportunity to you all.

Apologies for no posts on 1st January. Have caught up now. Zak and I decided to use the first day of the year to climb one of the highest peaks in Western Australia – Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges, down near Albany.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from TV Central
Happy New Year from TV Central- Zak and Aaron climb Bluff Knoll

Below is the info I posted at Christmas:

It is never easy starting a brand new site and TV Central will turn 1 in late January. As of this post, I have published 6572 stories, as well as 1615 television guides posts. Your support and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, constructive and supportive and I want to offer my thankful and sincere gratitude.

I would also like to sincerely thank the networks and streamers for their support. Relationships with networks can go up and down over a period of time, but all networks and streamers have seen the positive impact the site is making by celebrating all things television and streaming, rather than continually sink in the boot. Networks have appreciated the non-biased ratings report each day, which has the same format , as to not cherry pick positive and negative results. Headlines are exactly the same each day and the major focus has been on Total TV and the inclusion of demographic information.

For 2023, I would like to particularly acknowledge Paramount – it has been great building a stronger rapport with the team – shout out to Bev, Rod, Cat, Paula and Dan – thank you!

The podcasts have been amazing and interviewees have appreciated the research and the move away from clickbait to more in depth chats. The headline for each podcast is simply the person’s name and the show they appear in. I would obviously like to thank everyone that I did a podcast with but in particular Marta Dusseldorp, Sarah Ferguson and Bob Morley. I would also like to thank Craig McLachlan, who trusted me to conduct a massive podcast about his entire career.

TV Central will not be going on any kind of hiatus over the Christmas / New Year break. It is full steam ahead. In fact, you will see a normal full Christmas Day ratings report and there will be a new podcast with Mitch McTaggart from The Last Year of Television (from Binge) this week – completing 69 podcasts in 2023.

There will be a lot going on behind the scenes over the next 4 weeks with improvements being made to the mobile phone version of the site, improvements to the functionality and navigation and fixing of the small tidbits that need upgrading.

There is also a new digital marketing staff member at TV Central that will make improvements to the output of the site including social media. Once the site is ‘up to date’ in late January, I will be looking at new initiatives in 2024 including a regular newsletter for readers of TV Central.

From February, TV Central will be moving into the area of theatrical movie releases as well as television and streaming. Why? In days gone past, the time length between a cinema release and appearing on somewhere like Foxtel or commercial television was extensive. However, some movies are being released in cinemas and then within 1 – 6 weeks are appearing on a streaming platform such as Netflix, Disney+ or Apple TV+.

The cinema audience are quite intertwined now with the streaming audience and I felt it best to serve both audiences, which are essentially the same audience in many cases.

I would like to take this opportunity to call on any volunteers that would like to join the TV Central family. If you have a passion for television, streaming and movies then please feel free to contact me. This is about you being able to share your creative talent rather than just filling a need to work on media releases. Perhaps your interest is sport and would like to work only on that? Perhaps your interest is in doing recaps for a particular reality show? Perhaps you would like to do movie reviews? Maybe you like admin side of things or social media posts and would like to do some innovative work with Instagram or TikTok?

If you are interested then please contact me at aaron@tvcentral.com.au

Finally, although there would be one or two specific sites that would be considered competition, for the most part, I absolutely love the input other publications have within the media industry and TV Central is here to support them, work with them and celebrate what they bring to the world of Television.

To Leo at 6 News, Bacco at MediaSpy (and the apology is appreciated), to the wonderful team at Mediaweek and Mumbrella, I look forward to continue reading and supporting what you do.

Happy New Year from TV Central

You are a wonderful audience and 2024 will be about making the final steps in the full creation of TV Central.

God Bless.


Happy New Year from TV Central

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Happy New Year from TV Central

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