Q2 Programming on Nine – With Married at First Sight coming to a close soon, Nine looks to continue its strong start to the year with proven hits including Lego Masters and Travel Guides. NRL will bookend the back part of the week.

Here is what you can look forward to on Nine in Q2:

Lego Masters

Q2 Programming on Nine

Hamish Blake and Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught are returning to our screens for a fifth season of LEGO® Masters in 2023.

But in the sneak peek – which you can watch in the video above – Hamish reveals there’s a big twist coming to the new series.

The teaser transports viewers to ”a world far far greater than you or I could ever dream” and Hamish channels his inner Doctor Strange.

“Open your mind to a new dimension of grandness,” Hamish bellows.

Q2 Programming on Nine

He thumps his staff into the ground and summons a group of LEGO builders.

Well, LEGO fans, you’re in for a big shock because there are some familiar faces coming you might recognise.

“The best LEGO builders of all time are back,” the voice-over announces.

Q2 Programming on Nine

“Welcome back my special ones, you are the chosen few,” Hamish says.

Season 4 winners Joss and Henry and Season 3 favourites Owen and Scott are just a few of the all-stars returning to LEGO Masters Grand Masters and “the new LEGO-verse – which Hamish promises is a real word – “needs their power”.

Q2 Programming on Nine

The LEGO Masters all-stars will pull out all the stops with technical builds and impressive theatrics as they vie for the title of “Australia’s first Grand Masters”.

”There can be only one [Grand Master], well two, one team of two,” Hamish clarifies

LEGO Masters Grand Masters Season 5 is coming soon to Channel 9 and 9Now.


Q2 Programming on Nine

The leading and captivating real-life series that ignited Australia’s love of observational documentaries makes its long-awaited return when the new season of RPA premieres on Monday, March 27 at 9.00pm AEDT on Channel 9 and 9Now. 

Debuting on Channel 9 from 1995 to 2012, RPA gave viewers around the country unique and exclusive access into one of Australia’s leading public hospitals, Royal Prince Alfred in Sydney. 

Now more than ten years on, the compelling series returns to take viewers into a new era of medicine inside Australia’s number one hospital. From the Emergency Department to the wards and operating theatres, RPA will showcase the amazing dedication of the doctors, nurses and specialists, as well as spotlighting the patients’ inspirational stories of courage and determination. 

One of Australia’s favourite actors, Rodger Corser, narrates this gripping new season of the inner workings and behind-the-scenes drama of RPA hospital.

Capturing the raw, unfiltered and touching moments of human drama, the new series will bring more emotionally powerful stories of courage, heartache, joy and struggle as patients endure brave journeys in treatment and undergo life-changing experiences. 

In this season, RPA will add another layer of storytelling depth, digging deeper into the medical teams and patients than ever before. We learn about the hero doctors on the frontline saving lives, understanding why they do what they do and how it affects them. We also get to know the patients’ back stories in their home environment, seeing their lives outside the consulting rooms and hospital wards. 

Plus, RPA will embrace the vast revolutionary changes medicine has made in the last decade with advancements in technologies and treatments such as minimally invasive brain, heart and robotic surgery, 24/7 clot retrieval procedures for stroke sufferers, and many more. 

RPA is a 9Network series, produced by McAvoy Media with the cooperation of patients and staff at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. 


Travel Guides

Q2 Programming on Nine

Logie Award-winning Travel Guides will be returning in 2023 with the ultimate traveller’s guide for your next escape. 

The travel critics are back as they take off for a seventh season filled with more adventurous destinations.

Narrated by Denise ScottTravel Guides is produced by Nine. 

Parental Guidance

Q2 programming on Nine

When it comes to parenting, everyone has an opinion. Parental Guidance returns in 2023, putting 12 new parenting styles under the microscope to find out what works best.

When Parental Guidance first premiered, it broke new ground and got the nation confronting the biggest question: how should we be raising our future adults? 

Now, in this thought-provoking series, Today host Ally Langdon and parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson are back, laying down bigger and tougher parenting challenges. Designed to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of each parenting style, these challenges are all grounded in real-life scenarios. 

Parental Guidance is produced by Eureka Productions for the Nine Network.

Continuing into Q2

60 Minutes

100% Footy

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Chicago Med

Space Invaders

Exclusive | Q2 Programming on Nine

March / April 

Love After Lockup: Season 8 – March 31

Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery – March 27

iZombie: Season 1-5 – April 3 

You, Me and My Ex: Season 1 – April 3 

Madam Secretary: Season 1-6 – March 6

Scorpion: Season 1-4 – March 22 

Family Law: Season 3 – April 1 

Coming Soon

Nurses Season 1

Madam Secretary S5 + S6

Love Island UK

Duncanville S3

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Multi Channels

Nine did not make comment on their multi channels howver the following shows will continue:

Q2 Programming on Nine

Bering Sea Gold

Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine

Street Outlaws: Fastest in America

How the Universe Works

Alaska: The Last Frontier

The Great House Giveaway

Scott’s Vacation House Rules

Farmhouse Fixer

Yard Crashers

Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles

Country House Hunters Australia

Q2 Programming on Nine

Desert Vet

The Madame Blanc Mysteries

Antique dealer Jean White finds her life turned upside down when she learns her husband Rory has died on his way home from the south of France, all of their money has disappeared, their shop is remortgaged to the hilt and their assets pawned off.

US Master Golf

Wide World of Sports presents the 87th edition of the U.S. Masters Golf 2023 live from Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

Join Catriona Rowntree as we leave the city and enter the beautiful Australian countryside. Country House Hunters captures the essence and quality of living in the beautiful Australian bush.


Q2 Programming on Nine

Love Island UK

Raising Hope

About a Boy

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