Dr. Death on Stan – Starring Édgar Ramírez (The Stan Original Series Wolf Like Me) and American actress and singer-songwriter Mandy Moore (This Is Us, A Walk To Remember), all eight episodes of the cutthroat brand new season is now streaming, only on Stan.

The brand new season of Dr. Death is based on the Wondery podcast and follows “Miracle Man” Paolo Macchiarini (Édgar Ramírez), a charming surgeon renowned for his innovative operations. When investigative journalist Benita Alexander (Mandy Moore) approaches him for a story, the line between personal and professional begins to blur, changing her life forever.

Dr. Death on Stan
(Mandy Moore and Édgar Ramírez)

Seen through the eyes of the woman who loves him, Benita, and his medical peers, Paolo’s perfection unravels.

As she learns how far Paolo will go to protect his secrets, a group of doctors halfway across the world make shocking discoveries of their own that call everything about Paolo into question. A story of lies, manipulation, heartbreak, and betrayal, the whistleblowers peel back the layers of Paolo’s deception until they realise vulnerable patients put their faith in not a ‘Miracle Man’, but a ‘Dr. Death’. In the end, most patients perish by his hand, suffocating on the decaying plastic windpipes he placed inside them.

Dr. Death on Stan
(L to R: Ashley Madekwe, Luke Kirby, Édgar Ramírez)

Dr. Death Season 2 stars Ramírez and Moore joined by Luke Kirby (No Man of God, Take This Waltz), Ashley Madekwe (The Strays), Gustaf Hammarsten (Bruno). Ashley Michel Hoban serves as showrunner, writer and executive producer, along side Patrick Macmanus, Todd Black (Escape Artists), Jason Blumenthal (Escape Artists), Steve Tisch (Escape Artists), Taylor Latham (Escape Artists), Aaron Hart (Wondery), Hernan Lopez (Wondery) and Marshall Lewy (Wondery) and Linda Gase as executive producers. Episodes 1-4 are directed by Jennifer Morrison and episodes 5-8 are directed by Laura Besley. Dr. Death season 2 is produced by UCP, a division of Universal Studio Group.

Dr. Death on Stan – is now streaming, only on Stan. Every episode of Dr. Death Season 1 is now streaming only on Stan.

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