Dessert Masters on 10 – One Week To Go ‘Til Desserts Steal The Show. Dessert Masters. Premieres Sunday, 12 November At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

The short (and sweet) countdown is on for the delicious debut of Dessert Masters.

We’ve been busy baking a world-first series this year, and it’s almost time to dig in. The contestants are 10 of Australia’s top pastry powerhouses and they’re all going head-to-head in the battle for gateaux glory.

The premise is sweet, but the competition is real.

Standby and watch the flour fly as judges Amaury Guichon and Melissa Leong plot some of the hardest challenges to ever grace the MasterChef kitchen. From desserts that aren’t what they seem, to creations inspired by nature and dishes designed to be smashed – it’s a wild ride on this sugar high.

No matter how busy your Sunday is, there’s always room for dessert. 

Dessert Masters on 10 and 10 Play – Premieres Sunday, 12 November At 7.30pm

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Dessert Masters on 10