Big Miracles on Channel 9 – The most emotionally powerful journey sees a new group of hopefuls determined to start their families through IVF.

A list of issues gives Emily and John a tiny chance of success, while it’s a mystery why young couple Maddie and Nathan can’t fall pregnant.

After recovering from a miscarriage, Samantha and Jason are about to meet their miracle baby.

Big Miracles on Channel 9 and 9Now – Monday 5 February, 2024 at 9.00pm

About the Show

Australia’s hearts will be captured once again when Big Miracles returns on Monday, February 5, at 9.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.  

In this remarkable, emotional series some of our favourite couples will return to continue their challenging path to parenthood. We’ll catch up with some of the new parents and their babies from last season and we’ll also meet new couples and singles as they embark on their own heartwarming and miraculous journeys through assisted reproduction. 

Every year, an astonishing one in six Australians grapple with infertility. 

Big Miracles takes us on an intimate journey with these individuals, from women with endometriosis to men with low sperm counts, and from same-sex couples to single parents by choice, as they navigate the raw and emotional road towards having their own miracle baby. 

Actress Lisa McCune will return as the narrator for this powerful series, as we follow courageous couples and individuals through the highs and lows, unanticipated twists and unquestionable magic that accompanies the creation of life against all odds. 

With unprecedented access to fertility clinics around Australia, we will also observe the incredible work of the team of devoted doctors, scientists and nurses committed to creating new life. 

While cutting-edge science and technology help to defy the odds, these would-be parents must rely on pure grit and determination as they take on the physical, emotional and financial rollercoaster to parenthood. 
This remarkable series is a testament to the extraordinary wonders that can unfold when science and love intersect, and is an emotional celebration of perseverance, strength and extraordinary joy. 

Big Miracles Season Two is produced by Ronde Media for the 9Network with major production investment from Nine in association with Screen Australia, and financed with support from Screen NSW. 

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Big Miracles on Channel 9