7Regional aligns programming with 7 metro stations – The Seven Network will take another step in its alignment of regional and metropolitan operations with regional areas set to more closely follow the metropolitan programming schedules.

At present, 7Regional viewers have had the addition of several more hours of Home Shopping in the early hours of the morning, cutting into regularly scheduled programs that appear for metro viewers.

Starting from this month, 7Regional viewers will see overnight programming reflect that of the Seven metro schedule.

There are three main areas left to cover for Seven to align 7Regional and its metro counterparts.

At present, the playout providers for regional and metro Seven, comes from a different company, creating two different processes and duplication of work. One can only assume, there is a contract in place under the old Prime deal and this is unlikely to change until the contract is complete.

7Regional still has a deal in place in with different Home Shopping distributors, meaning that Seven is currently unable to align its Home Shopping resources together.

Finally, the biggest hurdle for Seven will be providing the same channels across all of Australia. Some regions still do not have access to the 7Bravo channel and some markets, including Seven’s crown in the jewel, WA, does not even have access to 7flix.

With the overnight schedules now closely aligned together, Seven will move into taking the final steps to truly unite all Australians to having access to the same programming and channels.

Note: There may be times where some regional areas will see slight differences in programming

Seven were contacted for comment and offered an opportunity to update regional viewers on multi channel progression but did not respond.

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7Regional aligns programming with 7 metro stations

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7Regional aligns programming with 7 metro stations