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The Church of Scientology, increasingly labelled a secretive cult, is once again proving why it’s such a contentious organisation. Two months ago, a court in the United States found one of its members, Hollywood actor Danny Masterson, guilty of multiple rapes.

As intolerable as that is, what the case also exposed were the extraordinary tactics the Church used to protect its star recruit, and how it cruelly attempted to silence his victims, who themselves were Scientologists. Since then, there have been even more revelations about life inside Scientology, including damning accusations of serious abuses and mob-style operations and attacks.

But as Tara Brown reports, taking on an organisation as bullying and belligerent as Scientology comes at a cost.

Reporter: Tara Brown

Producer: Sammi Taylor


There are few bigger pop stars in the world right now than classically trained flautist-turned-singer, Lizzo.

Her fans love her not just for her music but also for how candid she is. As she says, she’s unapologetically a big, black beautiful woman.

But a few days ago, the entertainment world was shocked when the artist was accused of gross hypocrisy.

Three of Lizzo’s former back up dancers announced they’re suing her, claiming they were body-shamed and sexually harassed. Lizzo has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, meaning a court will probably determine the veracity of the allegations.

Just before this controversy blew up, Tom Steinfort was given an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of Lizzo’s Australian tour.

Reporter: Tom Steinfort

Producers: Naomi Shivaraman, Sammi Taylor


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